Client: PID

Written by: Rob White

Armadillo is a rapid deployment 360 degree security device for protecting building sites and other high value environments. It is rugged, reliable and can be left unsupervised 365 days a year while continuing to perform to the required standard. It is significantly cheaper and more reliable than a human security system and can cover a large area at the same time.

Armadillo combines three 120 degree wide angle cameras with bright white light illumination capable of dazzling intruders at close range. The three active sides use passive infrared detectors to enable ‘False Alarm Free’ detection of intruders, from two to twelve metres (depending on configuration). Armadillo has a 25 watt audio amplifier capable of custom selectable loud audio warnings. A 4G connection communicates to a custom ARC (alarm receiving centre) where alerts are rapidly filtered and actioned. All of this is housed in an imposing armoured steel enclosure with an integrated battery pack that can last up to three years, depending on usage.

A close working relationship with our client PID enabled TAD to control all elements of the engineering, communication and end user interface design and provide a best in class product.