There is over 15 years experience in electrical and software engineering and product design at TAD. We are experts at telemetry, remote monitoring devices and control systems. Our bespoke solutions are tough, use very little power, are easy to maintain and do not become obsolete fast. We move from concept to prototype to MVP incredibly quickly. TAD’s founder, Tristan Dargay, has been a successful serial entrepreneur since leaving Birmingham University in 2005.

Test us

We're a workshop. Bring your concepts to us and we'll prototype them. We are experienced problem solvers - challenge us to design, engineer and build your hardware and systems faster, better and cheaper. Our hardware and systems are controlling and monitoring structures and vehicles all over Europe. Execution is strategy - getting an idea from concept to prototype to production fast is where we add value to your business.

Prototyping for Zero Carbon

You can't fix what you can't measure. We provide resources and investment to Zero C businesses that require telemetry, control systems and bespoke electronic solutions. Our instruments work all day every day to keep people safe, so making electronics that could save everyone by avoiding extreme climate change is a natural (and necessary) evolution for us. From building energy efficiency to offshore kelp farming, we are actively looking for Zero Carbon entrepreneurs that need our skills to deliver their ambitions.


We conceived, designed and manufacture VirCru, a smart boat system. We designed and built Armadillo for PID. We are currently prototyping a range of Smart Real Estate Management products. Our doors are open to new ideas that require our skills. If you have an idea you want to make real, fast, bring it to us.