Client: Hi-Force

Written by: Rob White

Hi-Force approached TAD® to design and manufacture a suite of control systems for hydraulic jacks for lifting structures or heavy objects.

These systems needed to solve the problem of lifting large imbalanced items in a controlled and synchronised manner. Information for the lift is presented clearly across a number of touch interfaces housed in a rugged enclosure so the user can see exactly what is going on at a glance.

This type of control system is vital for lifting and manoeuvring large, heavy objects like parts of a bridge or an engine in a British Navy Vessel. It needs to be robust, reliable and intuitive to use as failure of the control system to work properly, or incorrect use, could cause loss of life due to collapse of a structure or have a large financial impact on a project.

We designed and manufactured ‘in house’ a suite of HMIs and PLC style controllers. We provided Hi-Force with a bespoke solution at a fraction of the cost of purchasing traditional controllers from the likes of IDEC or Siemens. It also avoids obsolescence by ensuring ongoing compatibility with systems as new controllers are designed.